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A single wallet that allows analysis of all owned tokens and note making of all transactions across any blockchain.


Use of Covalent API

The Covalent API was used for the retrieval of several pieces of key information. These are:

  • Chains: All Blockchains that the Covalent API supports was retrieved, the user chooses the Blockchain/s their wallet/s is from, and enters the related wallet address. This ensures that as covalent API Blockchain support increases, so does this applications Blockchain support.
  • Transactions: All transactions for the users wallet tokens were retrieved between a specified ‘to’ and ‘from’ date. These transaction histories are then built upon to keep notes specific to each transaction for future reference.
  • Historical By Token Addresses: The value change over 24 hours and over a year was retrieved for each token in the user’s wallet. Used to show token value changes for analysis both in the short term and long term for decision making.



The project was built at [#OneMillionWallets - Fantom 2021



  • Sanjay Dookhoo Discord: @Darkbringer0#4536 Very passionate about web programming and have always strived to be better as a developer, and the development community as a whole. Sanjay looks out for any opportunities that presents itself that can improve skills and present sufficient challenges.
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