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Use of Covalent API

The data was used in JSON format.

The /v1/{chain_id}/events/topics/{topic}/ endpoint was used with chain_id = 1, and Uniswap Sync and Uniswap Swap events topic hashes for the {topic}s.

The total trades (swaps) and liquidity balances at the end of the day were then extracted from the returned data and stored.

The app then calculates the fees (0.03% of the trades) and profit (based on amount provided, out of liquidity) and displays all of them on a rankable/sortable table.

Daily, the app queries the Covalent API for each previous day’s swaps and syncs, extracts the volume and liquidity balances respectively, and calculates the fees. The app then stores all the data for continuous updated data display in its frontend.



The project was built as an independent developer project.



  • Maxwell Oko: Discord - ste#3927
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