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Li.Finance allows cross-chain any-to-any swaps by aggregating cross-chain liquidity protocols, DEXes and lending protocols.

Note from the Developers

Li.Finance is a mesh of aggregated cross-chain liquidity networks and protocols to power next-gen DeFi projects with superior UX by making liquidity available when needed.

For starters: “Think of LiFi as a 1inch for cross-chain liquidity networks: Connext, Harmony, Biconomy, UMA, Hop, Thorchain, Anyswap, Ren, RouterProtocol, etc.“

Our Thesis

  • The Future is multi chain with Ethereum being the biggest player
  • Cross-chain bridging solutions will play a major role in future DeFi-Enablement and Layer 2 adoption
  • Aggregation will pave the way for mass adoption of layer 2 and the multi-chain environment we’ll live in, benefitting the whole ecosystem.


The major problem is that users need to be able to move funds from chain A to chain B. No matter if they are different layer 1s or one of ETH’s layer 2 scaling solutions. Turning to bridges, adding more friction to dapp adoption than necessary and overwhelmed community managers are the current status quo. We’ll change that.


A data mesh of cross-chain liquidity sources: criss-chain liquidity networks, bridges, DEXes, bridges and lending protocols.

We’ll aggregate cross-chain liquidity networks like Connext, Hop, RouterProtocol, Thorchain, Chainflip, Anyswap, etc. to find the best possible cross-chain swap. On top of that, connect to all DEXes and DEX aggregators like 1inch and Paraswap on all chains to be able to to facilitate any-to-any swaps.

All of that will be made available on an API/Contract level, as a dapp and as a dapp-widget for other developers to be plugged-in directly into their own products. No need for users to leave dapps anymore.



The project was built at EthGlobal - HackMoney 2021



  • Max Klenk: Discord - @maxklenk#7940
  • Adrian Weniger: Discord - @AdrianLess#0660
  • Philipp Zentner: Discord - @philippzen#6757
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