• The Ethereum Goerli Testnet is now fully indexed! Users can query all on-chain data through our Class A endpoints using the Goerli Testnet chain_id: 5.

  • We added a feature that allows users to pass in human-readable, non-numeric chain IDs. For example, instead of specifying chain_id as 1 for Ethereum Mainnet, users can now use the network name - eth-mainnet. This feature becomes helpful when chain IDs become particularly large and/or hard to remember in cases like Palm (11297108109) and Harmony (1666600000).

    To get the network name to use for the chain_id, refer to the “name” field of the Get all chains endpoint response.


  • We’ve updated our Get transactions for address endpoint with a pagination improvement. Previously, this endpoint would timeout for addresses with too many transactions. Now the user can specify the page-number parameter with small values and the endpoint will successfully retrieve those transactions.


Last modified: October 27, 2022: october-changelog-2022 (#243) (b6121bb)