• For quite some time it has been highly requested by our community to index Solana. After months of hard work dissecting this non-EVM chain, we have added Solana support to our most-used endpoint, Get token balances for address. This enables developers to fetch token balances including NFTs for any wallet address on Solana with a single API call. Simply use the chain_id 1399811149 to get started!
          supportedChains = {
          id = "cryptopunks"
          name = "Cryptopunks"
          supportedChains = {
          id = "tofunft"
          name = "TofuNFT"
  • Klaytn prices are now supported from Coingecko. <data-accessibility>

  • Beamswap logos are now supported! Beamswap is a leading defi hub on Moonbeam, queryable through our XY=K endpoints. <multi-chain>



  • Fixed Compound APR
  • Fixed missing NFT data for OpenSea on Polygon
  • Fixed null contract_name and contract_ticker_symbol for Get token balanced for address
Last modified: October 27, 2022: october-changelog-2022 (#243) (b6121bb)