August 2021



  • The API now supports image resizing for NFTs for the following resolutions: 256, 512, 1024.

  • Developers can check if a network is a Testnet or Mainnet using is_testnet on the Get all chainsand Get all chain statuses. The "is_testnet" is a boolean response returning false when a network is not a testnet and true for when a network is a testnet. image

  • We have added a new field to the returned data on the Balance_V2 endpoint quote_rate_24. The quote_rate_24 is the price of the token as of 24 hours ago. An example query on the Covalent Token CQT is:’your_api_key’


The percent change is calculated thus:

Quote - Quote24h = X
X / Quote24h * 100% = % change in a 24h period

$pow Example query - ['your_api_key'&primer=[{"$match":{"":"Buy"}},{"$group":{"_id":{"buyer":"decoded.params.7.value"},"ethPrice":{"$divide":[89000000000000000,{"$pow": [10,18]}]}}}]]([{"$match":{"":"Buy"}},{"$group":{"_id":{"buyer":"decoded.params.7.value"},"ethPrice":{"$divide":[89000000000000000,{"$pow": [10,18]}]}}}])

  • The Covalent XY=K endpoint provides data for large DEXs which are clones of the core Uniswap code base, such as QuickSwap and SushiSwap. Read more about the first release in the June Changelog. We have updated the endpoint to include 2 new DEXs: Moonlift and Empire DEX


  • The Historical Portfolio is running faster, this is a result of a Caffeine caching object which we implemented that ensures data is stored in memory rather than having to query the entire database. This results in much faster response times for parts of the API layer. Making the internal fetch of pricing data many times faster. This we have applied across the many of our endpoints that use our pricing services.


  • Fixed calculation bug in CompoundService - Issue-564

  • Fixed Http response 500 error in Primer Query: $group - Issue-894

  • Fixed missing events in TopicHashCalculator - Issue-559

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