API Changelog

Every change to our API matters and reflects our belief in one of the following guiding principles which we include as tags on each changelog item:

  • <multichain> - one unified API for all chains
  • <data-accessibility> - access to any blockchain data at any time with greater detail.
  • <no-code> - support for non-devs
October 2022

DeFi Kingdoms and Swimmer Network added!

September 2022

Goerli Testnet added! Non-numeric chain IDs.

August 2022

Godwoken added! Bug fixes.

July 2022

June 2022

Astar indexed! Uniswap bug fixes.

May 2022

Evmos and Aurora indexed! Large LP quotes fixed.

April 2022

Fees paid added to transaction endpoint, more dates added to XY=K

March 2022

New DEXs added to XY=K endpoints, NFT market data updates and expansion.

February 2022

Solana balances, NFT market data updates.

January 2022

Annotation to NFT market endpoints.

December 2021

Astar-Shiden, IoTeX networks indexed.

November 2021

Block Height Improved.

October 2021

Axie/Ronin Mainnet fully indexed.

September 2021

Added historical portfolio view.

August 2021

Image resizing for NFTs.

July 2021

Palm indexed.

June 2021

RSK and Arbitrum indexed.

May 2021

Kovan indexed.

April 2021

New pricing endpoints.

March 2021

Avalanche C-chain indexed. All Class A endpoints now supported.

February 2021

BSC indexed. All Class A endpoints now supported.

January 2021

Matic/Polygon indexed. All Class A endpoints now supported.

Changelog guide

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